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Conference Bidding Procedure
The Conference is next available for bidding beginning with the 2016 Conference.

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If there is interest in your area, take a preliminary planning packet, form a steering committee and prepare the preliminary budget sheet. Notify the Advisory Board in writing of your area committee member’s names, addresses, and phone numbers. Identify the proposed site and confirm the availability of the proposed Conference date. Return all preliminary information to the Advisory Board as soon as available, but no later than September 15, two-and-a-half years prior to the conference date; e.g., bids for 2016 must be received by 9/15/2013. The advisory Board will inform all bidders of their decision and will forward detailed planning information to the successful bidder and their designated chairman.

All correspondence should be sent to:
International A.A. Men’s Conference Advisory Board
c/o Emerson M., 1124 Myers Hill Rd., Brunswick GA 31523-7841

or e-mail


A. Get together with interested and enthusiastic AA men, hold a meeting and choose a Chairman. A lot of work and decisions will be coming up, and a steering committee of three to five members usually gets things going most efficiently
B. Choose dates, Conference is usually held the third weekend in April
C. Check with larger AA offices reasonably nearby, to rule out the possibility of conflict with other major events.


Adhering to the “pay as we go” principle, all conference expenses must be covered by the registration fee. The Conference is not a fundraising project, but neither can it be a losing one. Each local Committee is fully responsible for Conference costs. Some funds are advanced from prior Conferences. This seed money is to be used to pay items which come due before registrations begin to come in—such as printing and postage. The seed money is really a loan, which is to be returned in full at the close of each Conference. It will then be advanced to the succeeding Committee at the next Conference site. Of primary importance is a carefully worked out pre-Conference budget to determine how much the registration fee needs to be. Most expenses can be figured in advance by a little local checking; close estimates of other items are possible. Page 4 following this provides a budget worksheet.


Planned, comprehensive inquiry will be needed to arrive at the probable number of alcoholic men in the area. Members who have attended previous Conferences will be part of the mailing list, but the majority of those who will attend the succeeding conferences will come from throughout the United States, and even a few foreign countries. The Advisory Board Secretary should provide a comprehensive mailing list to the Conference Chairman. However, keep in mind to be careful not to overestimate the figures of the attendees, it is better to underestimate your figures to the hotel and then have them agree to the option of adding to your rooming block as the registrations begin to come in. Most of them will begin to arrive starting in January prior to the conference date. So consider starting low and adding room blocks 50 at a time. The hotel will agree to this arrangement.


One or two members usually visit suitable facilities. Those members should be able to supply information the hotels will need and request:

  • Date of Conference.
  • Estimated number of hotel rooms to be occupied each night.
  • Food Services, anticipated number at each function where food is served. (Saturday night banquet—estimated attendance.)
  • Meeting or conference rooms required. How many rooms. How many people, what seating arrangement. Special equipment (microphones, podium, tables, etc.), Hospitality rooms, Smoking and Non-Smoking may be required.


Room rate: flat rate, single, double. It is also suggested that Conference Committee determine if Conference rate for rooms is available 3-5 days prior and following Conference. Also, determine the number of beds in each room. Are credit cards accepted? Is payment for first night required in advance? Is there room tax in addition to quoted rate? Complimentary guest room nights for each ?? room nights booked?

A. What is the last date a room reservation can be accepted at quoted rate?
B. Inquire as to courtesy transportation from airport.
C. Coffee shop and dining room hours? Are there special hours for pool and exercise room?
D. Select menus for banquet and breakfast. Add gratuity and tax when arriving at price. Set deadline for food placement order.
E. Ask about making coffee in Hospitality Rooms. This is very important, and hotels usually grant this privilege.
F. Negotiate coffee price with hotel. Coffee would be ordered only at specified times and specified quantities determined by the conference committee. However, some hotels will allow you the option of supplying your own coffee / coffeemaker in all meeting areas, It never hurts to ask this of the hotel as part of your requirements.
G. No serving personnel required. Ask for price including gratuity and tax.
H. Check available parking and the price. Is shopping available? Tours?
I. Are prices and rates firm or subject to change without notice?

The hotel contract is submitted to Chairman of the Advisory Board BEFORE IT IS SIGNED. Advisable to ask hotel representative if there are any charges which do not appear on the contract. Bear in mind that the use of Meeting Rooms and Hospitality Rooms is a courtesy usually extended by the hotel, and no charge is made in view of the volume of business, which result from room bookings, banquet services, etc.


A. It is the hosting committees’ responsibility to ensure the transfer of all items needed by the following hosting site. This entails the complete mailing list, conference flags and conference plaques.
B. It is the responsibility of the hosting committee to donate at least 5% of the conference’s net surplus. This is necessary to keep the conference vital and supportive of each succeeding conference site. Remember, we are not a dues-paying conference. Of course depending on the financial success, if you feel the generosity to give back more, it would be gratefully appreciated by your IAAMC as a whole.


1st Flyer

2nd Flyer     




Speakers’ Travel  

Room, Meals      



P.O. Box Rental  

Misc. Office Supplies

Hospitality Room Supplies

Purchased Coffee

Contingency for unanticipated expenses *

Gifts, Favors




 * As a contingency fund, include $1.00 per person of anticipated attendance

After determining costs on as many items as possible, and estimating the others, arrive at the total anticipated cost. Divide this number by the anticipated attendance. This will indicate how much the registration fee must be to break even, and will also show how many people will be required to reach that minimum goal. The pre-Conference budget may also be used to establish spending limits for certain items.        


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