The conference format

This is an annual 3-day conference, usually the third weekend in April.

 Registration typically opens at noon on Friday. This is followed by a red ball meeting sometime in the afternoon. A speaker meeting later in the afternoon is usually held, followed around 8 pm by another speaker’s session. Ice cream socials can be a part of the conference, and frequently are.

Various meetings and workshops are held on Saturday and the Saturday night banquet, normally a buffet, is followed by a keynote speaker.

On Sunday more meetings are held with a spirituality meeting mid-morning. This is followed by turning the conference over to next year’s host with the conference ending before noon.

How a locations is selected (see also Site Bids):

Conference locations are awarded two years in advance by the Advisory Board. The bylaws stipulate that every five years the Conference must be held in Ohio. The advisory board works closely with the local planning group throughout all stages of preparation. To ensure maximum efficiency and minimum confusion, a conference procedure is provided to the host group and guidelines are provided to serve as a step-by-step process to organizing the conference.

How to submit your proposal:

The members from a city wishing to host the men’s conference should complete the following items:

Prepare a preliminary budget sheet
Notify the board in writing of your area committee member’s names addresses and phone numbers
Identify the proposed site and confirmed the availability of the proposed conference date.
Return all preliminary information to the advisory board as soon as available but no later than September 15, two-and-a-half years prior to the conference date.

The advisory board will inform all bidders of their decision and will forward detailed planning information to the successful bidder and their designated chairman.

We look forward to receiving your request to host an International AA Men’s Conference or to answering.


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